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All of our protection and coverage options are backed by EasyCare, the only Motor Trend recommended Best Buy for extended coverage options. Rest assured that no matter where you are at or what is happening to your vehicle, you are in good hands!

In the event that you lose your keys, or get locked out of your car or home, EasyCare KeyCare will get you back on track. Included are services such as key replacement, 24/7 lock-out assistance, key recovery and identity protection, and transportation option – so you never miss a beat.


Technology is constantly making us more connected and create more simple life habits. Advanced smart keys are no differet, allowing you to enter your vehicle without removing your keys from your pocket or purse as well as start your vehicle with the push of a button. All of that technology comes at a price. With prices ranging from $300-$750 per key cut and programmed


  • –Key replacement coverage: EasyCare picks up the cost to repair or replace the lost or stolen keys/key fobs on your covered vehicle ($750/occurrence), as well as any additional keys ($200/occurrence) on your keyring. This includes keys for your home, boat, RV, lockbox and more.
  • –24-hour lock-out assistance: Simply call our 24-hour toll-free number, and we’ll send someone to come out and unlock your car or home.
  • –Key retrieval rewards program: Our unique coding puts your keys back in your hands if they are lost. As long as the KeyCare tag is on your keyring, the finder of your keys can drop them in any mail slot and we will return them to you.
  • –Rental car, towing & taxi reimbursement: You will be reimbursed* for a rental car, tow truck or taxi if needed before your keys are repaired or replaced.
  • –Emergency message relay: We can alert up to three contacts of your emergency situation.


If you lose, break, or have your keys stolen, getting them replaced is simple. If you own a Mazda, you can call Nelson Mazda or your local dealership and they can cut and reprogram your keys as well as take care of coverage with EasyCare. If you do not own a Mazda, you can head to your local dealership or call EasyCare to setup services for you.

If you are stranded or locked out of your car, simply call EasyCare and they will get the process started for you. Also, rest assured that if your keys are stolen, your house can be re-keyed, keeping you and your family safe!


(*prices may vary per year & Model)

Nelson Mazda of Norman Norman OK




Total Replacement Cost:




Nelson Mazda of Norman Norman OK

2014-2018 MAZDA3 KEY FOB



Total Replacement Cost:











Our extensive inventory gives you the opportunity to meet any budget or feature needs. Once you select your vehicle, feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding financing your New or Pre-Owned car and protection packages available.

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