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All of our protection and coverage options are backed by EasyCare, the only Motor Trend recommended Best Buy for extended coverage options. Rest assured that no matter where you are at or what is happening to your vehicle, you are in good hands!

There’s nothing quite like that new-car smell, or the shiny exterior reflecting your smile as you prepare to drive off in your new purchase – quite possibly one of the largest ones you’ll make in your life. Protect your investment from unexpected repair costs and increase your trade-in value with a Vehicle Service Contract!


You have set out to buy the best operating vehicle possible and we want to provide you with vehicles to purchase that will last long into the future. However, we know that vehicles, with all their moving parts and impressive technology, have the propensity to break down at some point. A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) can help protect you from unexpected expenses when things like your air conditioning, power windows, radio, engine, transmission, and many more items end up needing repair. You have the opportunity to customize your coverage based on how many miles you drive a year, how long you plan to own the vehicle, and what items you see fit to cover.


  • -Many coverage options, mileage and length terms, and deductibles to choose from
  • -Nationwide coverage for repairs with immediate payment to the provider by credit card available
  • -Additional Benefits:
  • -24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • -Towing Reimbursement
  • -Trip Interruption Reimbursement
  • -Rental Car Reimbursement
  • -$0 Deductible Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection


Let’s say you are in for a regular oil change and your technician points out a repair that needs to get done to ensure the safety or continued operation of you car. Most of the time, it would be up to you to decide whether or not the cost is worth it or you are able to pay it at that time. With a VSC, if the repair is covered, all you would be responsible for is your deductible and your coverage would take care of the rest.

We all like to get our vehicles checked before we head on long road trips but sometimes things with cars come up at just the wrong time. If you are out of town and all the sudden your air conditioning stops working, that could mean a rough vacation. With a VSC, your air conditioning could be covered and with Trip Interruption Reimbursement, you could be reimbursed for up to $100/day for 3 days for expenses incurred from having to get replairs done.

You can rest assured, whether home or away, you will be well cared for with an Easy Care VSC from Nelson Mazda.

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Our extensive inventory gives you the opportunity to meet any budget or feature needs. Once you select your vehicle, feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding financing your New or Pre-Owned car and protection packages available.

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