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For over 50 years now the Nelson family has been a part of automotive retail. Nelson Auto Group is the perpetuation of the business that started with Jim Nelson Ford in the late 1950’s. Our current President and Owner, Robert Nelson, continues to build on the cornerstone of excellence that was set by his father years ago.

Nelson Auto Group is built around faith in Christ and high standards of customer service. As a dealership group, the Nelson family continues to see growth and loyalty among their customers and employees because of our commitment to create an unparalleled business culture and consumer experience. We are convinced that we set ourselves apart by giving every customer the treatment they deserve. When you do business with us, we hope you experience the Nelson Difference.


Nelson Mazda of Norman Norman OK


Principal & Founder

Nelson Auto Group

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK, Robert Nelson is the Founder and President of Nelson Auto Group. Nelson Auto Group is comprised of five new vehicle franchise dealerships and multiple other individually owned and operated automotive entities. Mr. Nelson has been in the automotive industry since 1975 and has expanded his automotive footprint into two states.

Mr. Nelson intentionally leads his organization with integrity and character and inspires his team to operate with the same values. The company’s slogan, “We’ll make a believer out of you,” most clearly articulates Mr. Nelson’s mission. Mr. Nelson is passionate about providing a culture of service and appreciation for his employees. By creating an atmosphere where his employees thrive, Mr. Nelson knows that his customers will experience the Nelson Difference.





    Jim Nelson Ford first opened in the late 1950’s in Tulsa, OK. Robert Nelson worked with brother and his father, James Nelson, to create a company that was based on excellent customer service and quality vehicles. They successfully ran the Ford dealership together until the late 1990’s when they sold it.





    Robert Nelson purchased his first Nissan-Mazda dealership, Pemberton Nissan-Mazda. He worked hard to create a dealership that was determined to offer its customers satisfaction in every area of their business. With honesty as a key value, the Nelson Nissan-Mazda impact began to grow. We created the slogan “We’ll Make a Believer Out of You” to show customers that we mean what we promise.





    The first Nelson Nissan-Mazda continued to grow and built such a customer base that it was time to expand. Our first single point Mazda franchise, Nelson Mazda, opened in Antioch, TN, a suburb of Nashville.





    After only four years of doing business in central Tennessee, Nelson Auto Group had the opportunity to expand again. The Nashville location opened as the third franchise dealer in the group.





    Seeing the growth and success of the multi-point store in Tulsa, OK, Nelson Nissan-Mazda, Robert Nelson decided to split the franchises into separate entities. The current location in Broken Arrow was renamed Nelson Nissan and Nelson Mazda was built in south Tulsa in December of 2004. This new business model created better distinction for customers and increased opportunity for growth.





    Mr. Nelson realized there was a need in the marketplace for buyers who had fallen on hard times that negatively affected their credit score. In November of 2007, Car Country was founded in Bixby, OK. The mission of Car Country is to assist in building an individual’s credit through short term auto loans that will give them the credit boost they need to purchase a new vehicle in the future.





    The Nelson Difference was implemented to provide a purchase process that allowed customers to experience Mr. Nelson’s belief that buying a car should be just as much fun as owning one.





    Taking ownership of the Greater Nashville market, Nelson Auto Group acquired a third Tennessee location and opened Nelson Mazda Cool Springs in Franklin, TN.





    Expanding its reach in Oklahoma for the first time since 2004, Nelson Auto Group acquired its newest Mazda franchise in Norman, OK.





    Gaining deeper roots in central Tennessee, the Murfreesboro location is opened, replacing the Antioch location.





    The dream of creating a sales environment that cars are marked with our One Price and customers engage with One Person becomes a reality.