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All of our protection and coverage options are backed by EasyCare, the only Motor Trend recommended Best Buy for extended coverage options. Rest assured that no matter where you are at or what is happening to your vehicle, you are in good hands!

Keep your car it at its best and most valuable with our innovative paintless dent repair process. Dent Care effectively removes those minor dents and dings on painted sheet metal surfaces – so you’ll increase its trade-in value and keep it looking as new as the first day you drove it home.


Metal has memory. Sounds crazy right? The truth is, metal can me molded back to its original position, so long as there is no paint damage surrounding it. A dent technician will pull or push the minor dents and dings back to their original look so that your car stays looking new for a long time. Unfortunately, our cars get riddled with small dents and they detract from the value and cosmetics of your car. You shouldn’t have to worry about where to park on your next trip to the grocery store or what your kids are doing playing around your car in the garage.


  • -Virtually erases car door dings, shopping cart dents and more
  • -Plan covers unlimited dent and ding repairs with no deductible
  • -For use on dents less than 4″ in diameter with no paint defect or damage


If you find a dent on one of the metal panels on your car, we can take care of it. As long as the dents are not from hail damage, simply call our service department and we will get you scheduled for paintless dent repair. If you are outside of 50 miles from one of our locations, EasyCare will arrange for a dent technician to come to you and remove those pesky dents. Rest assured, with DentCare you will not have to worry about your car having the most value possible when you go to trade it in!








Our extensive inventory gives you the opportunity to meet any budget or feature needs. Once you select your vehicle, feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding financing your New or Pre-Owned car and protection packages available.

Whether you are applying online to save time or to see what you are approved for, we are here for you. Our Business Processors are ready to review your application and find the right lender and terms for you. Apply online today and our team will go to work!